Call Centre Scam Activity Increase

Call Centre Scam Activity Increase

Although we have brought this to our customers attention on several occasions we are still encountering people who are getting hit by this.

One customer is getting an average of 3 calls every week and in most cases they are claiming to be Microsoft and TalkTalk

Some time ago TalkTalk customer information was hacked and although everyone using TalkTalk should have changed their passwords most people have not moved and are therefore being targeted by phone.

All these calls are scams and the average hit is £250 but one of our customers lost £1500 despite numerous warnings from us.

Do not let anyone you do not know onto your computer ever.

We do offer remote access to you but we cannot gain access to your PC without you launching a programme for us.

Most importantly Banks are no longer refunding customers who have been scammed.

Please do not let it happen to you.  Just put the phone down or tell them you do not have a computer.

No legitimate company including Microsoft ever call customers in this way so please be aware and on the alert.

We would be happy to visit you to check your security, backup processes and give you advice on your best options.

Please ring The Computer Man on 0800-0747859 to arrange a booking.

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