Help Us Help YOU By Signing Up TODAY

Help Us Help YOU By Signing Up TODAY

We are hoping to keep our Labour charges unchanged into 2017 but in order to achieve this we need your support.
Our Labour rate has not increased since the beginning of 2008.
Official inflation figures between 2008 and today show that what was £1.00 is now £1.25 this equates to a 25% increase in prices.
On this basis our standard labour charge of £50.00 per hour should now be £62.50 per hour.
We have been advised by our customers that some Local competitors are charging nearly £115.00 per hour (230% more than us) for standard jobs and £150.00 per hour (300% more than us) for emergency jobs.
Although we live in a throwaway society we can help our customers to decide whether it is more cost effective to repair, upgrade or replace their current hardware. If customers choose to replace we can still help them by transferring their current data to the new device.
Recent publicity has shown that there is a massive increase in viral activity and the need to protect, update and backup your computer has never been greater.
Some of our customers have been caught by scams and lost between £250 and £1500.
Banks will no longer refund you if you get attacked. With a Ransomware attack even if you pay the fine you may never get your data back.
Experience has shown us that the vast majority of customers do not keep their PC’s up to date regularly and certainly do not back up often or check the backups have worked.
We have been offering regular Health Checks to our Customers for over 3 Years and now have customers who have either Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly or Annual Health Checks.
If you have not already signed up to one of our programmes please email us at requesting a Health Check stating which of the four date options listed above you want to have. We will then contact you on the due date to arrange a booking.
By signing up for one of our packages you will get a 10% reduction on Labour charges for those visits.
Can you afford to lose your data either by system failure or by data encryption.
If we get sufficient support from our customer’s, we will not need to increase our labour rates in 2017.
Thank you for your support and hope to hear from you shortly.

We are OPEN over the Christmas to New Year period as usual.

Please ring The Computer Man on 0800-0747859 to arrange a booking.


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