Is your PC security up to date?

e are one of the biggest causes of viral infection.

When did you last check or update your Computer security?

Many people make the mistake of assuming that their PC’s are always up to date and they are secure.

Nowadays this may not be the case.

Yes automatic Windows Updates do take place, normally every 2 weeks, but only if they are turned on.

Major updates, normally every six months, need to be run manually and due to very rarely being done many PC’s are left unsecure.

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in March the number of Cyber attacks has dramatically increased and become very sophisticated.

I was expecting a delivery from a known supplier where I knew I had to pay VAT on the item.  The Invoice arrived (It looked genuine) and I paid the VAT.  Within one minute my bank rang about a fraudulent transaction (which it turned out to be) and as a result changed my debit card and refunded the payment..

To stay safe nowadays you need to have more than one method of keeping your PC secure.

1 A good AntiVirus programme

2 An additional Malware Programme (FREE)

3 All Windows Updates completed including Service Packs.

4 No additional Bank security programmes like Trusteer Rapport.  These contain Anti-Virus programmes that conflict with your primary installed programme

5 An additional Smart Defrag programme to keep your PC running at it’s most efficient (FREE)

The above mentioned Malware and Smart Defrag programmes must be FREE editions because the paid for versions also include AntiVirus programmes and will conflict.

As part of one of our standard services we would be happy to carry out a PC security check for you.  Because this can easily be carried out remotely an initial security check could take as little as fifteen minutes, which at our July 2020 Special Offer price would cost from £15.00

Equally imp0rtant to keeping your PC safe is to ensure you have an adequate backup. If your hard drive fails or you have a viral attack you may lose all your valuable pictures, documents etc.  We can also help you by making sure your backup is sufficient for your needs.

Book today to make sure you are secure by emailing or phoning 01293883889 – 07736552444  – 0800 0747 859


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