Remote Access

Remote Access

Fog, Ice, Snow, Heavy rain, Rail Strike, Roads Closed, Heavy Traffic etc

These are just some of the reasons why Remote Access can help you.

The Computer Man is able to offer secure remote access to all our customers.

When connecting to a clients PC remote access can only be achieved by them downloading, installing then starting a programme on their desktop.  This programmes issues each user with a unique ID and a random password.  This password changes every time the programme is run which means that the customer has complete control over when the PC is accessed.  Whilst connected a box shows on the customers screen that a connection is active.

We use TeamViewer as a means of access to your PC  Download here and click on the Green Download TeamViewer button to install

Make sure Personal / Non-commercial use is selected before clicking on Accept – finish


When using TeamViewer you will be asked to click on the desktop TeamViewerButton button

Once open you will be asked for your unique YourID then you will be asked for your Password (this changes every time)


Our minimum charge for remote access is now £12.50 which covers you for 15 minutes of online access, after which an additional £12.50 per 15 minutes will be charged.

If you would like to use our remote access service please use contact details below.

An email invoice will be sent to you on completion of a Remote Access session.

Payment by Cash, Cheque, Bank Transfer or Bank Card.

To arrange Remote Access please use our contact details below.

Please ring

Free       0800-0747-859,

Local     01293-883889,

Mobile  07736-552444

or email




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